Do you have a power outage or any other problem with your electricity supply? Do you suddenly experience lack of electricity in a room or for a single device (refrigerator, stove, PC, etc.)?

We would be happy to assist you, right now !

As master electricians in Vienna, we are specialized in electrical emergency services and electrical troubleshooting.

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Emergency electrical service in Vienna

We are available 24/7 to provide electrical emergency services. Call us at +43 660 319 0004. After your call, we can reach your place in Vienna or the surrounding area within an hour (depending on traffic).

We can help you out if you suddenly have a power cut, if a fuse or the RCD switch has blown and can no longer be switched on, or if your electrical devices have a malfunction. Even if your intercom buzzes continuously, we are pleased to assist you.

You will find information below,

  • the first thing you should do in case of a power cut.
  • how to recognise if you actually need an emergency electrical service or not.
  • how much we charge for our service (cost transparency is important to us).

What to do in the event of a power failure? 

1 Rule number one: do not panic!

2 If your apartment is completely dark, think about how you can provide light. Tip: Your smartphone has a flashlight function.

3 Turn off potentially dangerous electrical appliances such as the stove or iron.

4 Clarify the situation. Look out the window, ask your neighbours, and see who else is affected by the power cut. If several apartments or even the entire blocks of houses are affected, please wait. In this case case, the problem is linked with the general power supply and it might make no sense to call an emergency electrician. Usually the power comes back quickly.

5 If there is no electricity in your apartment only, please go to the fuse box and check whether individual fuses have failed or the RCD switch is set to „Off“. Try to push the switches up yourself.

If the fuses or the RCD switch cannot be reactivated, do not go with your experiment any further! It may be dangerous. Please contact us immediately.

Our emergency electricians/engineers are glad to help you quickly and at a fair price!

Emergency electrical service costs and pricing

Even if you are in an emergency, you are probably asking yourself the question “What costs or prices should I expect?”. As emergency electricians, cost transparency is important to us, so here are some pieces of information: 

The cost of fixing your problem depends on the effort.

 Experience has shown that 99% of all emergencies can be solved within half an hour.

 We have a lot of experience and work quickly and efficiently!

Billing and payment

As a private person, you will receive an invoice from us right after the emergency service has been completed. You have the option of paying either with cash or card.

Companies and property management companies can also pay the bill by bank transfer.

We work in Vienna and Lower Austria (Niederösterreich)

We will help you with your emergency, regardless whether you are in Vienna or in the surrounding area of Vienna. Our company is based at 2 Ferdinand-Platzer-Gasse, 1210 Vienna – and from there we can reach every district.

We are also happy to take care of any emergencies in the surrounding area of Vienna (Mödling,Klosterneuburg, Korneuburg, Gerasdorf etc.).


Professional accomplishment and rapid help are the key words of our business.

If you would like to rate us as an emergency electrical service in Vienna and surrounding area, Google and Herold are your platforms.

Certainly, we do appreciate if you could share your experience and comments per e-mail after the repair/work has been done.

This is what our customers say about us

Professionell, Verlässlich, Kompetent. Herr Czigler was super! Arrived very quickly; when the problem could not be completely fixed due to impossibility of accessing a certain space in our building, he came up with a temporary solution which restored our power overnight. He returned the next day to finish the job. Hoch kompetent, respektvoll, freundlich, sehr professionell. Empfehlenswert!
Sehr schnelle und kompetente Hilfe, dafür nicht teuer. Freundlich und umsichtig.
Rasche und sehr kompetente Erledigung meines Problems! Preis-Leistung für den Abend war in Ordnung! Telefonische Preisauskunft wurde eingehalten!
Kompetent, Freundlich, Günstig. Nach einem ersten Besuch einer anderen Elektrikerfirma konnte das Problem, bei mir zuhause, im FI-Kasten nicht entdeckt werden. Die Firma hat das dreifache von dem verlangt, was ich bei Herrn Czigler zahlen musste. Das Problem verursachte weiterhin sehr teure Schäden an vielen Geräten. Herr Czigler konnte es jedoch schnell erkennen und beheben. Er ist sehr kompetent und freundlich und außerdem sehr günstig im Vergleich. Ich würde ihn auf jeden Fall weiter empfehlen, da er bewusst und mit ernsthaften Verlangen nach der Problemlösung an die Arbeit herangeht. Er schaut sich alles an, ohne dabei Zeit zu verlieren, um die Ursache für das Problem in der Elektrik bestmöglich und schnellstmöglich herauszufinden und zu beheben. Im Nachhinein bedauere ich sehr ihn nicht sofort, sondern erst als zweite Wahl angerufen zu haben. Ich denke nicht, dass jemand andere so schnell und so günstig das Problem in meinem Stromkreislauf erkannt und repariert hätte. Mit besten Dank,

Do you need an emergency electrician service?

We are available 24/7 as an electrical emergency service.

Call us at +43 660 319 0004. After your call, we can reach your place in Vienna or the surrounding area within an hour!


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